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Friday, 29 November 2013

Sunsets, Beverley by night & Advent

Last years Advent 'trough'
With Advent coming on Sunday we are now entering what is perhaps my favourite time of the year, and though many people have an increasingly vocal dislike and antipathy towards Christmas these days, I myself have never lost my love for this most special time of year and look forward to it every single year. The four candle Advent wreath (or in our case a sort of Advent trough) has been prepared once more with holly picked from the garden and will be placed in its usual spot on Sunday morning, while this weekend I'll probably get the outside Christmas lights out of the garage loft and begin the annual untangling process which I love oh so much ;-)

Sunset over the western wood on the 26th

Evening skies above the house

Fiery sky

A Crow silhouetted by a red evening sky

Despite the largely grey skies this week we have had a few nice sunsets recently :-)

The Christmas lights will also be switched on in Beverley tonight though I will not be attending as the crowds and noise are far too much for me to handle, but early this morning I did pop into this increasingly sprawling market town of nearly 30,000 souls to grab a few photos to share with those of you whom may by unfamiliar with this town. I do not like Beverley that much to be honest, as apart from a few historic buildings it is a bit lacking in soul and character, the loss of the cattle market for a TESCO supermarket and the closure of most of its old country stores reflecting the towns demise from a country market town to a mere dormer town for nearby Hull. However the aforementioned historic buildings do at least provide it with some saving graces what with many fine Georgian buildings and townhouses, Victorian halls & meetings places, and medieval churches and monuments, including of course Beverley Minster which so dominates the townscape of this East Yorkshire town.

St. Mary's church. Less well known than the Minster, St. Mary's is fascinating in its own right

The recently refurbished Market Cross in Saturday Market
The Corn Exchange which is now a Browns Department store. Note the white phone boxes which are a feature of the area around Hull as Kingston Communications, not BT, are the primary telecommunications provider

A few early Christmas decorations near the middle of the town

The north transept of Beverley Minster. A 40mm lens doesn't get any wider than this I'm afraid ...

.....so here's another shot showing the top half

Meanwhile back at home I've been putting and filling up the garden bird feeders as natural food becomes increasingly scarce as we move towards December, the haws being nearly stripped bare by the numerous Wood Pigeons, Redwings and Blackbirds which seem to be everywhere at the moment. Indeed as I hung the feeders from the trees on what was a cold afternoon with a nithering wind, all I could hear were the high thin calls of thrushes, as well as the ringing calls of Long-tailed Tits and the short subtle call of a pair of Bullfinches someplace unseen. Here's hoping they all survive the coming hardships of the winter ahead.

The choir of Clare College, Cambridge, singing that great Advent hymn 'O come, O come, Emmanuel', one of my absolute faves :-)