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Monday, 18 November 2013

North York Moors in late autumn

The North York Moors in autumn
Yesterday we enjoyed a day out up on the North York Moors with a mixture of nature, train spotting and house hunting on the agenda, and despite the initially grey skies things would improve somewhat around midday with some sunshine and even clear skies for a time when we were up in the beautiful dales and moors of the Eskdale region. Our day had begun at Pickering so that we could see 'The Green Knight', the only steam locomotive which was operating on Sunday, leaving the station and heading up towards Goathland (due to works on the line the trains are currently not operating between Goathland and Grosmont). These wonderful pieces of engineering are always an enjoyable object to photograph though today I left my usual camera at home and instead decided to give my old Nikon D90 and the 70-300mm f4.5-5.6 a day out as I still love this camera, especially as it was my first DSLR.

The Green Knight (75029) heading out of Pickering

Rusty wheels and axels in the yard at Pickering

The Green Knight at Goathland

Train driver awaiting the single to depart

It was nice having the convenience of a zoom yesterday, something I haven't been able to enjoy for awhile

Using my beloved D90 was like getting reacquainted to an old friend and despite having almost shot exclusively with Canon gear since spring I found myself really enjoying using this Nikon camera (whose cameras I actually prefer), though the flexibility and a convenience of a zoom lens also helped me enjoy the day even more as it allowed me to try out different compositions. I'm sure all this camera talk will bore the heck out of some of you, so please feel free to skip it, but as someone whom finds photography not only an enjoyable hobby but also a relaxing one, I personally like talking cameras and whatnot.

The Green Knight steaming towards Goathland

Fantastic autumn colours near Beck Hole

Looking down towards Darnholme, the location of two properties currently on the market

The little weir behind Goathland station

Stunning countryside near Beck Hole and Goathland

After catching up with the Green Knight at Goathland and getting a few more pics we headed up on to the high Moors and enjoyed a very scenic picnic with nothing but grazing sheep and the bizarre calls of Red Grouse to disturb the peace. By this point the weather had really improved and we were bathed in surprisingly warm November sunshine and as we gazed across the expanse of heather and down into the pastures and woodlands of the sheltered dales below I really felt as happy and content as I have for quite some time, this corner of North Yorkshire really stimulating something deep within me.

Sheep up on the moors

Distant (and heavily cropped) view of a Red Grouse

The view from Darnholme

RAF Fylingdales (this pic was taken through the windscreen hence the slight colour cast)

A friendly Blackbird near Pickering station

After our picnic it was time to check out a few properties in the area with a few in Darnholme and Goathland being of interest, the one in Darnholme being very nice indeed and well placed for not only stunning countryside but also the railway with the train line running right by the hamlet and beneath a very attractive stone bridge. The woods around the village were filled with birds too and despite some misgivings about more mundane aspects of daily life it seems like it would be fantastic place to call home. After this we slowly meandered home, though on the way we stopped off at Levisham for a last look at the trains, but by this time the light was rapidly beginning to fade and by the time we got back home to Beverley the sun was well below the horizon and nighttime had fallen across eastern Yorkshire.

Sheep grazing beneath a berry laden Rowan

Railway carriages at Levisham

D5061 coming into Levisham (the camera makes it look a lot lighter than it really was)