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Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Jack frost pays his first visit

Melting frost in the garden
On Sunday and Monday nights we had our first visit of this autumn from good old Jack Frost, and on Monday morning in particular the garden was adorned with some of his beautiful handiwork with delicate ice crystals covering the fallen leaves and the last remaining flowers of 2013. I personally love cold and frosty weather and a really good frost can be as beautiful as any snowfall, plus it has the extra benefit of not causing the same kind of traffic chaos which inevitably comes from the lightest of snowfalls down here in England. Speaking of snowfall I've seen pics in the papers and online which show that some parts of the Pennines had their first snow of the winter yesterday and this has come as a timely reminder of just how close winter is now, the weather in recent days certainly feeling that bit more chilly with highs below 10 C (50F).

Frosted leaves in the garden

The all too transient beauty of frost beginning to melt in the warming morning air

More frosted leaves (apologies for yet another frost pic but for me the first frost of any winter is a cause for celebration and excitement)

My love for November, which I touched on in my last post, is strongly influenced by my love of the weather and it is during this oft unloved month that my never lost childhood excitement for the arrival of winter reaches its peak. Certainly down here on the lowlands of eastern Yorkshire winter usually makes itself felt some time during November, with the first frosts typically coming some time in the first fortnight of the month (though occasionally these have come as early as October) while snowfall also becomes an ever increasing threat as the month progresses. The earliest date for lying snow (since 2003) has been the 7th of November though usually the more typical date is after the 20th of the month and often during the last week, most notably in 2010 when five inches of snow were recorded at the months end. What this year has in store remains unknown, though the majority of the long term weather forecasts do seem to be trending towards a cooler than average winter due to a number of factors but as always such methods of weather forecasting remain unproven and unreliable.

Fireworks over the wood

Yet more fireworks

and one more for good measure :-)

Meanwhile last night was of course Bonfire Night here in England and the annual firework display on Beverley Westwood was as usual a fine spectacle which drew in crowds from all around the Beverley and Hull area. The final climax to the show was truly spectacular with a multitude of rockets exploding in multi-coloured sparks and flames and though I only saw these pyrotechnics from a distance it sounded like the show was much enjoyed by all judging by the reaction of those family members whom did indeed attend the event.

Tapiola by Jean Sibelius, a piece of music which to me seems to capture the very essence of the more untamed and rawer sides of nature (especially from 16:40 onwards)