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Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Autumn rains

Autumn colours
The weather during the past week or two has been pretty unsettled with lots of the wet stuff falling out of the grey October skies and with little prospects of things improving this week it looks like we will just have to get used to this autumnal weather for the time being. It has also continued to be obscenely mild which has at least made conditions more favourable for butterflies when the sun does indeed shine, and species still being seen in the garden at the moment include those typical autumn butterfly species such as Red Admirals, Peacocks, Commas and Speckled Woods. Bird-wise we still await the first Fieldfares to be seen or heard but Redwings continue to be a regular sight or sound around Wold Garth while on many early mornings Skylarks and Pipits can be heard passing over. Feral bands of Greylag Geese have additionally been noted while a few unidentified species of wader were heard on some of the stiller and less windy nights during the past week or two.

Autumn oak leaf in the rain

An all too common sight recently

Firethorn berries in the garden

Another wider perspective of the first shot from this post

One of the many Grey Squirrel's of Wold Garth

As for moth trapping the weather conditions have been far from ideal to say the least, with either heavy rain or clear and chilly moonlit nights providing scant rewards in the moth trap. Indeed on the 17th/18th just seven moths were recorded, the worst count since early April, though conditions were somewhat better earlier in the month with four new species being added to the year list (247) on the 7th/8th.

Species recorded 7th/8th and 17th/18th October 2013
Red-green Carpet x9, Light Brown Apple Moth x7, Common Marbled Carpet x6, Blair's Shoulder-knot x6, Pale Mottled Willow (NFY) x3, Large Yellow Underwing x3, Beaded Chestnut (NFY) x2, Spruce Carpet x2, Silver Y x2, Red Sword-grass (NFY) x1, November Moth agg. (NFY) x1, Red-line Quaker x1, Lesser Yellow Underwing x1, Copper Underwing x1, and Garden Rose Tortrix x1.

Golden tinted Beech leaves

Oak leaves turning at North Cliffe Wood

Bracken and heather on North Cliffe Heath

More bracken and heather

Fungi in Deep Dale, Bishop Wilton Wold

A view of Deep Dale

Meanwhile I have finally got around to having my camera's filthy sensor cleaned (if you look closely at some of my landscape shots from the Moors you may be able to notice the dirt in some shots, especially those with apertures narrower than f10) and though I was more than happy enough to tolerate this grime it is nice to have a sparkling clean sensor again :-) However the recent grey and wet weather has meant that things have not been ideal for photography but nevertheless I have been able to use the camera for both leisure and other projects almost daily which, since I am happiest with a camera in my hand, has been more than enough to provide some welcome cheer despite the grim overhead conditions.

Grey Squirrel enjoying some of the fallen crab apples